Chemical Companies
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       The U of U Chem Dept will no longer maintain an MSDS database**. Contact one of the chemical manufacturers or search facilities listed below for up-to-date information.

Chemical Companies:
  • ACROS Chemicals Catalogs, etc.
  • Sigma - Aldrich includes Sigma, Aldrich, Fluka, Supelco, and Riedel-Haen (requires registration)

    Environmental Health & Safety:
  • EH&S: U of Utah
  • EH&S: U of Virginia

    Environmental Protection Agency:
  • EPA: US Government

    MSDS Sheets:
  • ACROS: ACROS (Acros and Fisher)
  • ATS Toxic Substances
  • J.T.Baker, div. Mallinckrodt Baker, Inc
  • EM Science is a division of EM Industries, Inc., the US affiliate of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
  • Interactive Learning Paradigms, Inc.
  • Envirocare International Incorporated MSDS Search
  • MallinckrodtLaboratory Chemicals
  • Environmental Safety Services and the Hazardous Materials Transfer Facility
  • VWR Scientific includes EM Science, Mallinckrodt, JT Baker
  • Vermont (huge database)
  • Search Yahoo!
  • The Internet navigator for the chemistry instrustry
  • MSDS Online A single source, web/PC-based management tools

    Occupational Safety & Health Administration:
  • OSHA: US Government

    Safety Sites:
  • Laser Safety (LaserNet)
  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute "Knowing How to Practice Safe Science"

  • ACS: American Chemical Society

  • **    We no longer have an MSDS database. It was originally created to assist our own department during a time when there was virtually nothing online through the chemical companies. Our database was very outdated and we had numerous requests from vendors to remove sheets that referred to their chemical products. We also have an obligation to not proliferate the problem by giving the database over to someone else. Failing to honor these requests could comprise possible legal issues. As an individual or a company, you are free to browse the Internet, copy MSDS's from vendors, and maintain them on your local system. We do not manufacture chemicals and so do not have the right or the responsibility to maintain a public database.

    Thank you for honoring our choice.

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