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Contact Information

Matthew S. Sigman
315 So. 1400 E. Rm. 4253A
Salt Lake City, UT 84112
Office: (801) 585-0774

Matt Sigman
Peter J. Christine S. Stang Presidential Endowed Chair of Chemistry

Education and Experience

2012-present Peter J. Christine S. Stang Presidential Endowed Chair of Chemistry Matthew Sigman
2008-2012 Professor of Chemistry, University of Utah
2009-2010 Visiting Professor, Huntsman Cancer Institute, U of U
2004-2008 Associate Professor of Chemistry, University of Utah
1999-2004 Assistant Professor of Chemistry, University of Utah
1996-1999 Postdoctoral Research Associate, Harvard University
  Mentor: Professor Eric N. Jacobsen
  Research Area: Enantioselective Strecker reactions
1992-1996 Graduate Student, Washington State University
  Thesis Advisor: Professor Bruce E. Eaton
  Title: "Catalytic iron mediated [4 + 1] cycloadditions of allenyl substrates with carbon monoxide. Mechanism and scope of catalytic cobalt mediated cyclotrimerization of alkynes in aqueous media."
1994-1995 NeXstar Predoctoral Fellow, NeXstar Pharmaceuticals, Boulder, CO
1992 B.S., Chemistry, Sonoma State University, California  
1991 Undergraduate Research Fellow, Utah State University  
  Mentor:Professor Michael E. Wright  
  Research Area: Synthesis of ferrocene derived NLO-polymers


Honors and Awards

2012 Elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
2011 University of Utah Distinguished Scholarly and Creative Research Award
2011-present Associate Editor for the Journal of the American Chemical Society
2010-present Editorial Advisory Board, ACS Catalysis
2010 Arthur C. Cope Scholar Award
2009 Robert W. Parry Teaching Award
2009-present Editorial Advisory Board, Journal of Organic Chemistry
2008 University of Utah Distinguished Honors Professor
2004 Pfizer Award for Creativity in Organic Chemistry
2004 Camille and Henry Dreyfus Teacher Scholar Award
2002 National Science Foundation CAREER Award
2000 Research Innovation Award (Research Corporation)
1997-1999 National Institutes of Health Postdoctoral Fellowship


Curriculum Vitae