Welcome to the Zharov Group website. We are a research group in the Department of Chemistry, University of Utah.

Our research program covers several areas of modern materials and nanochemistry, including the synthesis and investigation of nanoscale nanoporous systems, self-assembled structures and nanoparticles. The research in our group is focused on the understanding, developing, and applying hybrid organic/inorganic materials.

In particular, we design, synthesize, and study: (1) biomimetic nanoporous systems, (2) nanoporous membranes for a variety of separations; (3) ion conductive membranes (4) nanopartcile-based drug delivery agents. The applications of our work are in the areas of separations, drug delivery, chemical sensors, fuel cells and other novel nanomaterials.

George S. Hammond in his 1968 Norris Award Lecture said that "The most fundamental and lasting objective of synthesis is not production of new compounds, but production of properties." We use these words as our guideline. Our general approach can be called "molecular design of materials".

We identify properties and functions that are fundamentally interesting and useful, and design materials that will provide such properties and functions. We use organic and inorganic synthesis to prepare these systems, and rely on a variety of analytical techniques to characterize our materials. Making useful materials is hard without interacting with researchers from other fields of chemistry, and from engineering and medical fields. Therefore, our work is collaborative and interdisciplinary in nature.




Contact Information:

Professor Ilya Zharov
Department of Chemistry
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT 84112
phone: 801-587-9335
fax: 801-581-8433

Assistant: Jil Eizember
phone: 801-587-7982
e-mail: eizember@chem.utah.eduu


Department of Chemistry
University of Utah

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