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Catalyst 2023 


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Spring 2021

students working in the lab, text: "Graduate Education and Research Then and Now"


text: "Together Apart: Education, Research, and Community during the COVID-19 Pandemic"


Summer 2020

A yellow page with a woman looking into a microscope and text saying "Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Women in Chemistry"

Fall 2020

an orange page with a drawing of a beaker and text: "Educating Scientists of the Future"

Spring 2019

Three scientists smile for the camera

Fall 2019

A close up of a scientist's gloved hand working with a chemical

Spring 2018

Ragsdale Teacher and Scholarship Award participants smile for the camera

Fall 2018

Dale and Susan Poulter smile for the camera at a dinner table

Spring 2017

A photo of the dedication of the Chemistry Lecture Theater, and spaces announcing the 2017 Distinguished Alumni, Scientific Glassblowing, and Alumni updates

Fall 2017

Two people, a man and a woman, smile for the camera. Caption reads Marc Porter Research Profile Page 2

Spring 2016

2016's Distinguished Alumni gather for a photo

Fall 2016

A group of students gather in front of a U; "Modeling Molecules in the Molinero Group", "Recognizing the Teacher-Student relationship", "Women in STEM share career advice"

Spring 2015

Three men and a woman smile for the camera

Fall 2015

Images of a group of smiling scientists, and magnified bacteria

Spring 2014

Three alumni smile for the camera

Fall 2014

A group of people celebrate the Gary E Keck Endowed Fellowship

Spring 2013

Students in a computer lab

Fall 2013

A group of scientists face the camera

FALL 2012

a newsletter page with a photo of President Barack Obama shaking hands with a professor



Summer 2021: Graduate Research Then & Now

Fall 2020: Educating Scientists of The Future

Summer 2020: Women In Chemistry


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