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Bioanalytical | Surface Science | Nanomaterials and nanoscale processes | Bioelectrocatalysis | Interfacial Chemistry | Spectroscopy | Mass spectrometry | Electrochemistry

Chemical Biology | Epigenetics and DNA Mutation | Biosensors and Diagnostics | Drug Design |  Biophysics and Structural Biology | Biofuel Cells | Biomaterials and Drug Delivery | Interfacial and Bioanalytical Chemistry (IBAC) |Enzymology

Inclusivity and Social Belonging | Student Cognition/Metacognition | Collaborative Learning Approaches | Faculty Development

Materials | Bio-Inorganic | Organometallics | Organocatalysis

Surface Chemistry | Photonics | Magnetic Materials | Fuel cells | Polymers | Nanoparticles | Computational | Porous Materials

Natural Products | Synthetic Methodology | Organic Materials | Asymmetric Catalysis | Organometallic | Medicinal Chemistry

Spectroscopy | Chemical Physics | Theoretical Chemistry | Biophysical



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 In Person: M - F | 8am to Noon 

Ph: (801) 581-6681 M - F | 8am to 5pm

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For Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate General Award & Scholarship Opportunity

Chemistry students:
Now is the time to submit your application for any one of our Chemistry Awards and Scholarships!
We have a variety, and we’ve made it easy for you to apply.
Simply click the link above and submit your application.
Submission of your information enters you for
each Scholarship or Award you are eligible for.
Deadline for applications is Feb. 15th

ACS Bridge Travel and Career/Professional Development Award

The award is open to undergraduate students interested in the chemical sciences and are from groups traditionally underrepresented in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. Namely, underrepresented minorities include African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Native Americans. The goal of this professional development award is to increase the number of URM students that gain access to doctoral programs in the chemical sciences. The professional development award will defray the cost of any online workshops, courses, virtual conferences, and/or events that will assist URM students gain access to doctoral programs in the chemical sciences. Each award will be for up to $1000 of eligible expenses based on the review of materials.






Last Updated: 6/26/24