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Jeff Statler


Jeff StatlerGeneral and Analytical Chemistry

Associate Professor
Lecture Demonstrator

1011 HEB / 4428 TBBC 






Parry Faculty Award, Department of Chemistry, Undergraduate Education, 2020

Sigma Chi Fraternity Outstanding Professor & Mentor Awards,2015-2018

ASUU Student Choice Award, 2016

College of Science Teaching Award; Excellence in General Education, 2016

LDS Student Association Excellence in Education Award, 2014

Granite Education Foundation Excel Award, 2010



General Chemistry I, General Chemistry II, Analytical Chemistry



Over the past six years, we have implemented and continue to refine a “flipped classroom” model for our general chemistry courses, utilizing in-lecture student response questions (“clickers”) and chemical demonstrations to engage the maximum number of students.  Students seem to genuinely enjoy the peer interactions allowed through in-class problem-solving and the associated student-response questions.

In the near future, I plan on continuing work toward furthering the excellence of our ever-evolving General Chemistry program, including experimenting with various teaching pedagogies designed to assist students in their efforts towards higher levels of mastery and preparation for future courses.  In the coming years I will continue with chemical education research, focusing on maximizing the effectiveness of chemical demonstrations, engaging students in large class settings.


Last Updated: 7/26/23